Toyo M120Z

C8/0R19.5 124L


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"The M120z Is Toyo’s Five-rib; All-position Freeway Tire Designed Mainly For Trailer Axles, Commercial Bus/truck For Regional/local Haul And Delivery Use. This Medium Duty, All-position Tire Delivers Outstanding Directional Stability, Is Resistant To Heat And Offer Extended Tread Life. the M120z Features Five Ribs, Four Groove Pattern With 15/32" Or 17/32" Tread Depth. Toyo Utilized The Dsoc Iitm Technology To Enhance The Design To Deliver Uniformed Wear And Long Life. Wide Five-rib Design Boosts Stability And Steering Response And Provides Excellent Traction, While Firm, Sturdy Outer Rib Contribute To Extended Uniformed Wear. the M120z Has Stone Ejectors Grooves That Limit Stone Retention And This Boosts Casing Reliability. Four Steel Belts Reinforce The Tread Area And Promote High Mileage. Improved Casing Contour Offers Better Fatigue Resistance, Prolonged Casing Life, And Enhanced Retreadability. Innovative Design Along With Special Compounding Help To Resist Heat, Which Result In Extended Casing Life. ."


Wheel Diameter19.5
Aspect Ratio0
Section Width8
Overall Diameter8
Weight62 lbs
Part Number547500
Speed RatingL
Load Index124
Warranty0 Miles
Load RangeF
Tread Depth
Max Load3527 lbs
Revolutions per Mile2521.01
Country of OriginN/A

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