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Green Initiatives

Tire World Auto Repair Tire Pros , Inc. proudly participates in the recycling industry exclusive Green Shield Partners™ program, a partnership committed to excellence in business practices for a sustainable environment.

We are all residents of the Colorado Springs area (and of the Earth!) and we want to do our part to conserve and recycle the materials we use. It just makes sense. To that end we:

  • recycle oil
  • recycle oil filters
  • recycle tires
  • recycle anti-freeze
  • recycle freon
  • recycle other fluids like transmission, differential, & power steering
  • recycle steel & aluminum non-reusable parts
  • Even our new operating software is green

Additionally, we offer products created from reclaimed and recycled materials to our customers. Many replacement parts in the auto industry are only available as re-manufactured, such as alternators, starters, and CV axles. The wearable components of these parts are replaced new, but the non-wearing hard casings are reused, to save building a completely new component with new steel or aluminum. 

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