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Visit Tire World Auto Repair Tire Pros for your next oil change. We have convenient locations across Colorado Springs, CO, Monument, CO, Fort Carson, CO,and the surrounding areas. When you're running low on motor oil, top off at your nearest location to protect your engine and keep your hard working mechanical parts working in tandem.

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We have great motor oil brands to choose from at competitive prices.

Motor Oil F.A.Q

Stay informed. Learn a little more about motor oil now, and keep your engine running strong with an oil change at your nearest automotive service center.

When should I change my car's oil?

Check your owner's manual for recommended oil change intervals. Engines differ in oil maintenance needs, and your vehicle's manufacturer is the best source for finding out what your automobile needs and when.

Does the weather affect oil?

Yes. Conventional motor oil thickens when it's cold. You can keep vehicle performance at its peak by choosing an oil with the recommended viscosity level for the weather. For more information on viscosity, see below. Keep in mind that synthetic oils are better at tolerating extreme temperatures but what's best for your vehicle depends on how often you drive and how hard you drive.

What is viscosity?

Viscosity refers to how a fluid flows. The lower the viscosity level, the quicker the fluid. For example, water has a low viscosity level while syrup has a high one.

If you have additional questions, contact your nearest location. We're happy to provide more information so you can make the best decision on what type of oil you want to use during your next oil change.

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